Flexible and customized: the loan becomes tailor-made

Posted by Justin Matz

Flexible and personalized: the loan becomes tailor-made

In a world where there are custom-made clothes and shoes, but also homes, travels and a thousand other personalized experiences right down to the smallest detail, why settle for a standard loan for everyone? Each of us can have specific needs, program changes or small contingencies such that the opportunity to choose new conditions for your personal loan becomes a necessity or even a convenience that you do not want to give up.

The credit market has become increasingly attentive to these needs and, in particular, to the requests of those who wish to change the repayment terms agreed upon at the time the contract is signed. Such as? Through the offer of flexible loans, which allow you to review some parameters of the loan (the amount of the installment or the duration of the loan, for example).

Let’s take two concrete examples. An unexpected promotion to work and a consequent greater economic availability can push a person who has requested a loan to want to pay it off earlier than expected. On the contrary, an unpaid expense – a car breakdown, the dentist’s fee, the maintenance of the condominium roof – can cause some difficulties in settling the monthly payment of the loan. In both cases the problem is the same – is it possible to change the conditions of the loan? – and in the past, unfortunately, the answer was often negative, unless I had to pay a penalty.

Things have changed today thanks to the flexible loans that some lenders offer to their customers. What does this mean in practice? An opportunity offered by the flexible loan is to be able to renegotiate the installment, going to increase it or reduce it within a certain fixed ceiling.

What is the installment option?

The so-called ” installment rate ” option, which does not include additional expenses and can be repeated more than once, is not the only benefit guaranteed by these personalized loans. In some cases it is also possible to change the duration of the contract itself or, option particularly interested in the presence of an unexpected expense of a certain entity, to skip payment of an installment, recovering it later or spreading it on more monthly payments.

It is difficult to summarize the different possibilities in just a few lines precisely because they are not standard, but are built to the customer’s specifications. To learn more fill out our contact form and in no time we will contact you to make an appointment at your home, during which we can provide you with all the loan information you need.

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