Get a loan immediately on the account?

Posted by Justin Matz

The main problem facing many people today is that a loan is always linked to a certain processing time of the bank, which naturally restricts the room for maneuver in the field of finance severely.

Although the lending rate is extremely low and also attracts the economy with more and more offers of goods, the applicant still has to wait a certain amount of time, which can sometimes pass so many tempting offer. The right time for a loan is just now, the interest rate is extremely low – as low as it has never been in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany – however, the money is usually not immediately available, as the banks very carefully examine which Creditors are modestly positive and which are not.

A credit immediately on the account, that would be the solution to many problems and would also allow many people a wider room for maneuver, but such banks must first be found. Here again, there is very good news for all those who want to get a loan immediately on the account: There are a veritable large number of banks that pay off the loan immediately on the account and do not require a long processing time. The second good news is that the credit immediately on the account is usually to get the same favorable conditions as the other, conventional, credit variants.

How do I get the loan right away?

Getting a loan instantly is basically not differentiated from a traditional loan, as the lending bank has to be contacted first. However, this can even be done online and many banks already have ready-made forms that can be completed online in advance. In this form, all the relevant data required for the credit decision has already been requested so that the bank can already obtain a very good picture of the applicant with the receipt of the form. Of course, a loan is also immediately checked for the creditworthiness of the applicant and how much the credit default risk resulting from the applicant’s financial performance can ultimately be assessed, but the decision is usually made within a processing window of 24 hours. This shortened period is also the main advantage for the credit immediately on the account, as the applicant does not – as with conventional loan options – literally hang in the air for a long period of time and has to wait for the result.

Immediate credit allows the applicant financial flexibility, as loan terms are usually the same as traditional loans. Older, more expensive loans can be redeemed prematurely, and even expensive new purchases can be made cheaply, so that the loan immediately to the account is helpful to improve the own financial situation in the monthly basic load. Compared to the discretionary credit, which was originally intended by the banks for bridging short-term liquidity bottlenecks, the credit on the account is even many times cheaper, so that cash can be saved if the credit is immediately transferred to the account instead of the “dispos”. is being used. Usually, the payment of the loan amount by flash transfer, so that the money is really at short notice at leisure!