Minicrecks Credits or easy to get

Posted by Justin Matz

Creditend, let your computer system do all the work and find the best loan for you

And it’s really like this: They search, find and get your mini-credit .

In us they have a technology that can search for you the online loan that best suits your customer profile. That is why, for practical purposes, there is no other faster or with more possibilities to get it , because it saves you having to ask several companies, wait for their answers and have to decide.

  • Up to 300 euros
  • From 1 to 30 days term
  • Very fast
  • Compare financials in a couple of clicks

Requirements: From 18 years old. Phone number. Bank account. Proof of monthly income (payroll, pension, self-employed, etc.).

What happens if I get late in paying my loan at Creditend?

As we have already seen, Creditend is a platform specialized in searching and comparing the main offers of fast credits in the sector to find the one that is most suitable for our profile.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that although we find our loan through the Creditend search engine, it is not this platform that is in charge of offering us the credit service directly.

The entity that the Creditend seeker chooses according to our profile will be the one that will be in charge of establishing the conditions and consequences derived from a possible non-payment and, therefore, these will vary according to the financial.

Therefore, we must take into account that in the event that the deadline for the return of our loan is met and we can not return the amount owed, we will have to manage the non-payment directly in the entity that has granted us the loan, Not in Creditend.

Creditend: The comfort that gives you having the technology at your service

All the advantages that each of the private financiers have, Creditend takes advantage of them in your favor and finds you the perfect credit, according to your circumstances (for example if you are charging unemployment and your microcredit has to be without a payroll , or if you do not have a guarantor and you need it without a guarantee and, of course, if you only get mini loans with Financial Credit Institutions, etc).

As we see the Creditend search engine is responsible for finding the loan that best suits our needs, doing all the work for us.

If we fill in the simple form that appears on the main page of the Creditend platform, the search engine integrated in its web page will be responsible for comparing the different options for us, and offering us the one that offers us more advantageous features for us.