Mini loans and fast microcredits online

Mini loans and fast microcredits online

Easy money

Even if you have good financial planning, it happens that sometimes life happens and the unexpected happens. If an unforeseen event has occurred and you need help, you can request a quick credit with us. Our loans are immediate and meet the needs of the client, you can request a loan without payroll, we work even with urgent loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

We gives you a hand to get the best offers of personal loans online.

Our objective is to offer responsible solutions in the short term for urgent liquidity problems. Our business is not based on lending money, but on advising those who need it. Our loan search service is free, fast and super easy.

Why are you going to choose us?

  • Flexibility: you select the value of the loan and for how long you will need it. The personal loans that our lenders grant are the most complete, request your loan with Financial Credit Institutions, or a loan without payroll and without endorsement.
  • Save money: we research the most reliable and recognized credit institutions, and present you with the best credit option.
  • Save time: the process is 100% online. Without queues, without endorsement, credits without payroll, without paperwork. Your online loan
  • Technology: the search for quick credits is processed with absolute speed, discretion and security. We use thousands of data points to choose the best offer for you.
  • There are no hidden or additional expenses or small bills: our transparent service allows you to see the total cost of your mini loan before validating the request.
  • Response in just 15 minutes, once the best option has been confirmed.

Above all, if you are on the road, do not worry, we accompanies you and you can request a loan on your mobile or tablet. Super fast and easy!

Do not let money worry you why we help you regain control over the unforeseen.

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To make your loan request you only need to be between 18 and 80 years old, reside in Spain, have a national bank account, email and mobile.

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Good practices

Since 2011, our company has been acting in a serious and responsible manner offering the best search and comparison service for personal online loans in Spain.

Because we?

Our company is a state-of-the-art credit search tool that allows you to know the market offer and compare the characteristics of each one according to the needs of the users. We check the most reliable and recognized entities with absolute speed, discretion and security.

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Personal loans

Personal loans

Immediate loans are not guaranteed. They can be taken without endorsement, without payroll, without paperwork. 100% online! We helps you find the best option.

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Quick Credit

Quick Credit

In addition to receiving your immediate credit, if you require again the services of our company, the limits of your personal credits are gradually increasing and you can request up to € 3000.

advantage 6

Easy money

We understand that you need money urgently and for that we help you to achieve it super fast and easy. Once you confirm the best option of your mini loans, the institution answers you in only 15 minutes.

Our Service

We offers the service of search and comparison of loans taking into account the best and most recognized credit entities in Spain. Based on your information, we indicate which is the best institution to make the credit application. We do not promote or have preference for any of them.

Once the request is made, the lender analyzes the order. The concession and the processing period depend only on each of the institutions. Making your request for financial progress through us, does not guarantee whether it will be accepted or not. All information on our website is simply informative and informative.

Considering the current legislation, we handle the personal data of our clients with the utmost respect and security. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy page.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract

Next, we will list the cases incorporated in the document to which the client must comply if the occurrence should happen, as well as the rights that the clients have. We invites all users in the most in-depth way to make an assessment of their ability to make repayments in a timely manner and to read cautiously the terms of the lender. Any disagreement or negotiation of the terms must be done directly with this aforementioned lender, since the financial and compliance responsibility of the client is towards the financial institution described.

Duration and Validity

The products and services obtained will have the duration established and agreed upon between the borrower and the lender, with a minimum term of 61 days and a maximum term of 90. If the loan is not renewed or canceled, the borrower must abide by the consequences for breach of contract.

Cancellation of the loan

The borrower has a period established by the lender to cancel the loan and return the money without having to pay a fee in case the loan conditions differ from those established. For more information, the client should contact their lender or financial institution that has extended the loan.

Early repayment of the loan

The Client has the right to return the Loan before the agreed upon duration of the contract, be it a total or partial payment. The lender has the right to request compensation as long as it is not greater than what should be paid for the loan originally. To negotiate an early repayment, the client must contract the lender and agree on the aspects to be fulfilled.

Postponement of payment

If the date to make the repayment is close and you have noticed that you will not be able to make the return in time, you should immediately contact him. The recommendation of our company is that you make your payments always on time. If for some reason it is not possible, know that each lender has its own regulations regarding payments and interest. Late payment may result in extra costs and / or high interest. Most of the lenders will contact you in order to arrange the payment, but we suggest that as soon as you know that you are going to get the payment on time, you can contact him, otherwise he will be contacted. You can write down your credit history.

Payment Deficiency

Institutions can charge a late payment fee between € 1 and € 100, but this value can change among lenders. To know all the information, we ask you to read with great care and attention the terms and conditions of your personal loan contract.

Cost of Credit

Cost of Credit

The cost that can be integrated into your loan is the TAE, designated by the Spanish authorities, Annual Rate Equivalent, this varies depending on the amount and term of the loan. In accordance with Spanish law and with our transparency values, We always provides this information for clients. Having transparency as one of our values, we informs you of the costs of managing personal loans online, if one of the lenders with whom we link you does not have the information at your disposal contact us as soon as possible. Before confirming the credit application, all the costs of the lenders are taught to you in a clear and simple way.

Buy a loan immediately

The current economic situation in the Federal Republic of Germany can justifiably be regarded as an opportunity for the end user to improve his own economic situation favorably. Anyone who repays an old existing loan should immediately repay this loan, because interest rates have historically been lower than ever. This means that debt rescheduling is now very reasonable economically, as it can be expected that interest rates will inevitably increase in the future. Nobody should miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the low interest rates since it is ultimately a question of the effectiveness with which debt freedom ultimately approaches. Anyone who repays an old loan should ask themselves the question of whether he would like to pay further for expensive interest or whether he should replace the loan immediately to ultimately achieve a higher repayment of the actual loan amount. Any economist who could get an insight into the individual’s economic situation would advise to pay off the loan immediately. However, there are some things that need to be considered, so that the debtor ultimately does not come from the rain in the eaves. The market for lending institutions has greatly improved as a result of the increasing globalization that is due to the Internet, so that ultimately anyone who intends to replace his loan immediately, will find the right loan offer for him.

What is to be considered when replacing the loan immediately?

What is to be considered when replacing the loan immediately?

First of all, the new loan offer should, from an economic point of view, also be better than the old existing loan, since otherwise it would make no sense to have the loan replaced immediately. However, this profitability is not apparent from the monthly burden, as ultimately it depends on how high the repayment rate and the interest rate level of the respective loan is. If one considers the circumstances with which the current generation 50+ once financed their real estate, then it makes perfect sense to have the loan replaced immediately, since at that time it was still financed with an interest rate of over 10%. Anyone who still repays his loan on such terms should definitely repay his loan immediately, since today’s interest rate stands at one-fifth of the conditions at that time and thus a much faster repayment of the loan can be achieved with the same monthly basic charge, without the economic situation of the individual thereby markedly worsened.

Not just a real estate loan is interesting for the rescheduling. Car financing is also considered as a loan and since the partner banks of car dealerships can generally be regarded as more expensive, the car owner should have the credit replaced immediately, otherwise the profitability of their own car deteriorates from year to year. If you want to repay your loan immediately, you should address this openly with the lending institution when making the application, as there are now banks that replace the loan immediately without the applicant to carry out all the administrative work that is related to the loan immediately on their own initiative must let. The loan immediately from bank to bank is much easier and quicker, because the banks communicate with each other on the short service route and the money can also be transferred from bank to bank much faster.

Mini free loans – Financial where to apply for them.

Mini free loans – Financial where to apply for them.

Free quick mini credits: get them now

There are many reasons that can lead us to have to need money on the spot: repair our car, buy a new appliance for home, or pay an urgent bill, situations in which free quick credits become a resource to have very account for the ease with which we can access small amounts of money without interest, quickly, and with the convenience of being able to manage the entire process from home, in a matter of just a few minutes. Of course, cheap loans are at their best. As we told you in the link article: Is there anything cheaper than ‘free’?

When we talk about these free loan services we refer to mini-loans that we can hire without having to pay extra interest for it, so that, if for example we need a free loan for 200 euros, we will be able to have this amount of money in the act, and when the moment of its return arrives we will have to pay the financial one exactly this amount, without any extra or commission.

Getting free loans is one of the best promotions that can be found in the fast credit sector, which is why it is such a popular service that allows those users who hire it to make quick money with zero interest..

Quick credits They’re safe?

Offering quick credits without fees may seem at first to be too good to be true. However, it is a loan service that is the order of the day, which enjoys great popularity, and that does not involve any type of risk when we request it, given that it is a completely reliable and safe service that is backed by professional entities that offer great customer service.

Entities specialized in offering free fast loans  (of which you can find information above and throughout this entry) are financial companies that offer maximum transparency of their credit services, and in which We can find all the information we need to know about what are the requirements, conditions and characteristics of the loan we are going to request. This implies that we will not find surprises, or with small print in our credit agreement, since all the requirements and conditions can be easily consulted through the website of the entity we have chosen.

However, and despite the fact that we are going to find many facilities to apply for free loans, we can not ignore the fact that we will need to meet a series of requirements according to the financial model we have chosen, which are exclusive and do not allow access to the credit in case these are not fulfilled by our profile.

Do not skimp on safety when you sign up for your first free mini-loan

The free online mini-loans have not been around for a lifetime, they are a novelty that has been growing little by little in recent years, and that has helped many people who needed to take out a loan, but they were registered in delinquency lists as Financial Credit Institutions.

However, new technologies and new advances also bring new precautions to take. Given that the Internet is very broad and it does not hurt to be cautious when entering personal and banking information in the network. Therefore, we want to leave a series of tips dictated by the Police website, to avoid any small mishap we may have.

Responsibly hire your first free mini credit

It is a fact, as we have told you throughout this article, that the world of private loans has taken giant steps with the introduction of free mini credits. However, you have to be on your feet and have a cool head before hiring one of these free instant loans.

Do not worry, the entities – at least those that we have presented in this article – are legal and reliable. But from the Minicréditos al Instante team, we are going to offer you some simple steps to follow before hiring free mini-credits, in this case, although it is a council applicable to any type of personal loan contracting.

Steps to follow before applying for your first free loan

Next we are going to write you some small indications before you finalize the signature of any credit concession. Do not think that they will be expensive and laborious tips, not at all. There are 3 small steps, which will take a few minutes and in the long run you will appreciate having used to avoid any problems in the future. There they go:

    • Investigate: search, read, find out about all those entities that offer you the first free credit in this case. Do not leave anything without checking: no small print, or conditions, or requirements.
    • Compare: once you have all the lenders on the table,
      weigh what is the best free fast loan that suits your conditions. Weigh all the options, with the situation in which you find yourself: if you are in Financial Credit Institutions, without endorsement, without payroll, etc.
    • Decide: this is the moment when you must value everything. The discarded facts no longer count, only serve you the options that adapt to your situation. Formúlate several questions like: I have looked well for all the free online credits ?, Is it adapted to my economic and social situation? Will I be able to return it within the deadline? Will I be able to take charge of the price? all the requirements that are asked of me? Once you have formulated these questions, you will be able to choose, among all the free mini-credits that you have seen,
      the one that best suits you.
Loan Kia without contribution

Loan Kia without contribution

Buying an unassisted Kia is possible, for example by using an independent funding agency.

Buy a KIA car with a credit

The purchase of a car can be done in several ways, it is first possible to opt for conventional financing with a car loan or to opt for car leasing, in the form of rental. For each financing solution, the concessions offer their own offers via an internal financing unit or through a partner credit institution.

Simply, these offers can sometimes be accompanied by a need to provide a contribution, thus reducing access to credit only to borrowers with a contribution to make, whether in the purchase via a conventional car loan or via leasing automobile.

Also, buying a Kia car without input is quite possible, just file a loan application with an independent credit agency, without resorting to KIA partners. They will be able to finance the car without using any contribution.

What is the contribution of buying a KIA?

Most concessions require a contribution, simply to guarantee the repayment of the various monthly payments. The personal contribution makes it possible to take care of part of the interest of the credit, it is thus an additional guarantee for the credit organization on the repayment of the debt. The contribution also makes it possible to take care of the expenses related to the setting up of the credit, the expenses of files and other expenses with the signature.

The contribution can also be useful in the proposed car leasing at Kia, that of reducing the amount of rents. The operation of leasing is based on a lease, the contribution will simply allow to offer a rent more attractive to motorists, but in the LOA and the LLD, we speak rather first rent plus, which allows not to evoke the term personal contribution.

How to get credit for a Kia without input?

The approach is simple, just get the amount of the vehicle, it can be possible online via the services of configurator Kia vehicles that provide an estimate of the price of the car. Or, simply go to the Kia dealership and request a quote from a brand seller to get the exact price of the vehicle, whether new or used.

Then, just fill out a classic car loan application, this allows to solicit credit institutions specialized in auto loan financing without contribution. After validation of the simulation, several proposals are sent to the motorist and will allow him to buy his KIA vehicle without having recourse to a personal contribution. It is a service that is offered free of charge and without commitment.

Car pawn or personal loan?

If you have been thinking for a while that you need money, read on as we are going to analyze the options of car pawning and personal loans.

The current economic situation is one of great instability for many families. This often produces difficult situations, in which unforeseen events arise, and the economic availability we have to face them is totally nil.

Faced with this situation, many people believe that they have no alternative but to go to the bank and ask for a loan. However, this option is not always the best, since we will have to make several visits to the financial institution, present a lot of documentation and lose a time that we do not have. In addition, in many cases, the bank ends up denying the loan and we are in the same situation as at the beginning, but with less time to react.

Taking into account these circumstances, we want to explain what your real options are if you find yourself in need of quick money. While it is true that requesting a loan from the bank may seem the most obvious option, it is not the ideal one, nor will it help you solve your problem quickly and safely. For these reasons we want to inform you of exactly what it means to ask for a loan for your car and why it is the best option to get money quickly.

I need money, the solution: car pawn

I need money, the solution: car pawn

The main advantage of car pawning is, without any doubt, the opportunity to get money fast. Obtaining a loan with your car as an endorsement at our company is the fastest way to have cash available to meet any need. We understand that when someone unexpected happens, speed is essential and therefore, we commit to deliver the amount of money your vehicle really deserves in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand and unlike what it may seem, ask for a credit for your car does not have to bring any inconvenience in your daily life as you can continue driving your vehicle without any problem and without having to leave it as a deposit during the time in which you are amortizing the loan for your car. Without a doubt, it may be the best way to end worries about lack of liquidity.

Unlike bank loans, which usually involve hidden and, in some cases, even abusive clauses, pawning your car with us, we guarantee total transparency and security throughout the loan process for your car, which will be carried out and analyzed by a team of professionals who will be responsible for the valuation of your car, to be able to offer you the maximum money for your car.

And finally, unlike banks, we will not require unattainable guarantees because we understand that facing your monetary obligations requires speed. If you find yourself in a situation like this, do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

I need a loan or a credit of 1500 euros for Easter

I need a loan or a credit of 1500 euros for Easter

Credit for Easter holidays, get 1,500 euros instantly.

If you have come to our page thinking that you would be interested in applying for a loan for Holy Week, in order to give yourself a well-deserved vacation, or for whatever you want, read on! 

We love answering your questions. We will answer the question that one of our users sends us:
I write with the intention that you answer me a very fast question:
Where can I apply for a loan or a credit of 1500 euros for Easter? I want to surprise my wife with a trip, and I do not know how financial would be the best.

Thank you! Jorge G.

Credits for Holy Week, where to apply?

The question posed by our user is very clear, although since he does not specify exactly what his financial situation is, or if he is or not in Financial Credit Institutions, we are going to talk about two different options to get 1,500 euros (or more).
We go first with Credit, who with his loans offers us 1500 euros with Financial Credit Institutions, and up to a maximum amount of 3000:

✓ Credits of between 500 and 5000 euros

✓ Return periods from 61 days to 36 months

✓ Without endorsement

✓ Offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

✓ Quick request

The requirements: Over 18 years. Resident in Spain. Have some monthly and constant income (payroll, pension, self-employed, benefit, etc.)

Our second option, Younited Credit, offers us loans for large amounts with a maximum of € 40,000.

✓ Credits between 1000 and 4000 euros

✓ Return periods from 24 to 72 months

✓ Does not require endorsement

✓ Interest applicable from 5.92% (6.08% APR) to 10.84% ​​(17.01% APR as maximum amount)

✓ Versatility: They offer financing for everything you need

The requirements: age between 18 and 70 years. Reside in Spain. Bank account number and mobile phone number. Not be in Financial Credit Institutions.

What documentation do I need to be able to request a mini-credit of 1500 euros?

Now that we have seen one of the main options to request a quick credit of 1500 euros with and without Financial Credit Institutions, we will see what documentation we need to have ready to streamline the process as much as possible:

✓   Have our ID or NIE document up to date

✓ Last payroll, in the event that we are working, or the last proof of pension or unemployment benefit received, in the event that we are unemployed or are retired. Autonomous people will provide the characteristic documentation (last payment to social security, last quarter).

✓   Current account number in which we want the transfer of money to be made, of which we have to be holders

Loans of 1,500 euros for Easter, a good idea to finance our vacations?

The Instant Mini Credits have become a useful financial product, with which many people finance surprise expenses that appear when we least expect it, as well as a perfect resource to give us a whim, with extra money, such as the fact of getting fifteen hundred Fast euros, which our esteemed user consults today, getting it also without endorsement or payroll, a benefit, retirement (among other options) can be used to hire it. And is that when we use these loans on the spot in a responsible manner and with the security that we will be able to cover the monthly payments for their return on the established day, avoiding defaults, they can become a great help to get some extra financing quickly and easily, without having to resort to conventional financial institutions, which require us an important amount of paperwork to offer us the possibility of obtaining cash.

It is for this reason that mini-credits, whether to finance € 1500 or the amount we have in mind to, for example, finance holidays, have become very common, 2.5 million Spaniards will finance their Easter holidays. And we all appreciate being able to go on a trip with the assurance that we will be able to cover all our expenses, and even have quick money in the event that during the trip there is an unforeseen event that we did not have scheduled.

So, in response to the question that our user proposed in his letter, we find two different options that may be interesting to finance a surprise trip (according to our profile as an applicant). In the case that we are in Financial Credit Institutions we have Creditea who stands out as a financial institution that is breaking with the usual scheme proposed by financial and specialized banks, offering credits for amounts of certain importance (remember that in the case mentioned, we can obtain up to a maximum of 3000 euros) both with Financial Credit Institutions and without Financial Credit Institutions. By the way, if you are in Financial Credit Institutions, we have prepared an article about how to get out, which can be useful in your case.

We hope our response has been helpful, and we encourage all of you to send us your questions.

Thank you very much for sharing this article, on how to get, quickly and without excessive paperwork, a loan or credit of 1,500 euros.